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Central Valley
UP FRESNO LINE-The UP Fresno Line is a stronghold for SP locomotives working the locals in the area and certain I-5 corridor trains.

Solid set of 4 SP C44-9W's pull the Los Angeles
to Portland trailers through Covell siding in Modesto.

SP 7600, a GP 40-2 pulls a short local through Chowhilla
on it's way to Fresno.

GP 40M 7116 leads a local into the city of tulare, in
a shot taken from a car pacing the train,

UP SD 60 number 6042 is holding in a siding north
of Bakersfield with the Portland bound Swift RoadRailer

Bakersfield local paces traffic on Highway 99 at heads
into North Bakersfield. This train is lead by a rebuilt
SD 40.

5 SP Dash 9's roll through Turlock at 50 MPH
with the Z -LABR in tow.

Close-up of SP 8127 on the point.

Pair of tunnel-motors pull the Fresno to Roseville
local through Turlock.

A UP GE unit is on the point of 13 light engines as
they roll through Madera on May 4 2000.

BNSF BAKERSFIELD SUB- Trains on the BNSF between Calwa and Bakersfield.

H2 Dash 9 pulls a stack train north of Wasco
at maximum authorized speed.

Red and Silver Dash 9 pulls pig train through
corcran at speed.